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About Us
Gelinas Associates

Since our founding in 1989, we have changed our business name several times and was first known as, We're Your Connection.

In 1992, Daniel A. Gelinas, owner, and his brother David founded a non-profit consumer credit counseling agency that was known as Fa milt Debt Arbitration and Credit Counseling, Primarily focusing on client acquisition as an independent agent, in 1996 Dan elected to change its name to The Center For Debt Management and created our main website,

While continuing to develop our website and acquiring clients for the Debt Management Program, Dan formed relationships with several Debt Settlement agencies and began offering prospective clients a choice between a Debt Management Program and a Debt Settlement Program.

Over the years we acquired some 300 websites, many dealing with the debt and financial service industry, but also many related to other industries. Realizing that we dealt with various industries, in 2007 we elected to once again change our official business name, this time to one that is more generic, and today we are known as Gelinas Associates.

With some 20 years experience in the financial and debt industry today our main focus with our financial related websites is to provide consumers with unbiased debt and financial information to the many thousands of visitors to our websites.

Gelinas Associates is an Orlando, Florida based company owned by Daniel A. Gelinas and his beautiful wife, Delight. With our 300 domains we receive over a million visitors per year. In addition to our online services, we own a print publication that is distributed in the Orlando area and is entitled, Orlando The Beautiful.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to our website and ask that you bookmark us and come back often. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.




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